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Why is My Beer Foamy or Flat? Troubleshooting Your Kegerator or Draft Beer System


Learn to shortly resolve any points you could be experiencing along with your draft beer system or kegerator.

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Is there a worse feeling while you go to pour a tasty pint of draft beer and also you wind up with a glass that’s largely foam or has no foam in any respect? Maybe your pint passes the visible check, however possibly one thing appears off while you go for that first sip.

Fortunately, the most typical points along with your kegerator or draft beer system, together with foaming, flat, or cloudy beer, are simple to diagnose and troubleshoot. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of points may be traced again to one in every of three issues: improper temperature, improper strain, or common cleanliness.

Whether or not you’ve a kegerator in your house or personal or work in a bar/restaurant with a industrial draft beer system, the next fast information will arm you with data that will help you make the required changes to make sure that your beer pours and tastes the way in which it ought to. 

a glass of foamy beer

Why do I’ve foamy beer?

As an alternative of being largely liquid with simply the correct amount of creamy head on high, the glass is full of wasteful foam. Right here’s what may be fallacious:

Temperature is just too heat

Decrease the temperature within the refrigeration unit that holds your kegs (ideally, between 36º and 40ºF). If utilizing glycol to dispense, make sure that your glycol bathtub is ready to dispense at that vary as effectively.

CO2 strain is just too excessive

Modify your regulator to decrease the CO2 strain.

Soiled or damaged draft faucet 

Examine taps and washers and substitute each as wanted. Take away and disassemble your faucet each few weeks, then clear it with scorching water and a brush.

Beer line has kinks or obstructions

Examine your line and make any changes to straighten it or take away obstructions.

Beer was poured improperly

You should definitely comply with the tactic for correctly pouring a pint of beer.