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Lautering and Sparging in Beer Brewing


This week I check out the method of lautering or sparging your all grain beer. What seems to be a easy course of really has some attention-grabbing complexities to it.


Lautering would look like one of many easiest steps in all grain brewing. Scorching water is run via the grain mattress to extract wort. Then we boil the wort, chill it and ferment it into beer. Nevertheless, there are some things occurring below the hood that you could learn about.

Once we speak about lautering, usually brewers use the time period mash effectivity. Mash effectivity is the effectivity of the general mashing course of in extracting gravity factors from the grains and getting them into the wort. A associated time period, referred to as brewhouse effectivity, can also be used although brewhouse effectivity consists of all losses going into the fermenter, as a substitute of into the boil.

Maximizing mash effectivity is determined by a number of elements together with the malt used, grain crush, mash temperatures used, pH, in addition to your lauter tun design.

Lauter Tun Design

Whereas lautering is normally performed within the mash tun, the design of the vessel can have a big effect in your mash effectivity. Ideally we need to extract as a lot of the colour and sugars from the crushed grains as doable. We wish a lauter tun that maximizes mash tun effectivity.

The grain mattress consists of particles of the interior grain seed and husks. The husks kind a filter mattress, so when crushing the grains we need to protect massive items of the husk whereas crushing the inside of the seed to a excessive diploma. That’s the reason double curler mills have turn out to be the usual for crushing brewing grains. The 2 rollers crush the inside of the grain however depart massive items of husk alone to assist in filtering.

One consideration in design is the peak and width of the grain mattress. If the grain mattress is large however not deep, water will circulate via solely a skinny layer of grains and never a lot might be extracted. Whereas a tall grain mattress may due to this fact appear supreme, if the mattress is simply too tall it really will compact the grains leading to decrease extraction.

The rule of thumb for home-sized items is that the peak to width of a vessel ought to be between 1:2 and a couple of:1 (John Palmer, Tips on how to Brew, Chap 17). For a cylider this implies your mash tun diameter and peak ought to be about the identical if it was crammed to the highest with grains. In follow usually the peak is a bit increased to account for deadspace and ranging quantities of grain.

One other think about lauter tun design is the circulate of the wort via the grain mattress, and particularly the filtering system on the backside of the vessel. Whereas the grain husks support in filtering, channels nonetheless kind within the mattress the place it’s simpler for the water to circulate.

That is additionally true of the vessel filtering system. If we think about a lauter tun with solely a single small gap on the backside to behave as a filter, clearly you’ll get main channels forming across the gap which can damage effectivity for many of the mattress as little to now water will circulate.

In distinction if the filter mattress covers all the backside of the lauter tun you’ll get a whole lot or 1000’s of channels forming throughout all the grain mattress which can enhance effectivity. So ideally you desire a broad filter layer that covers all the backside of the mattress. The output from the mash tun is necessary too as if its not effectively designed, it might trigger channeling across the output itself.

In the same manner, the best way you feed your water into the highest of the mash tun issues. Excessive finish methods use a sparge arm or sprayer to distribute the water broadly throughout all the high space of the grain mattress. Clearly for those who pour the water right into a single level on the high of the grain mattress, it would channel and trigger the identical issues as a poorly designed mash filter on the backside.

That covers the fundamentals of lauter tun design. Subsequent week we’ll take a look at a number of the course of issues that go into lautering. I hope you loved this week’s article from the BeerSmith Dwelling Brewing Weblog. Please subscribe for normal weekly supply, and don’t hesitate to retweet, hyperlink, like or point out any of my articles on social media.

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