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Deep Diving on the Daiquiri


Of their new guide, Tropical Normal: Cocktail Methods & Reinvented Recipes, Brooklyn bartender Garret Richard and writer Ben Schaffer discover the historical past and recipes of the tropical cocktail canon (additionally try their current interview on Radio Imbibe). However Tropical Normal additionally opens up the recipe templates with recommended components and combos, permitting room for house bartenders to discover their very own variations. The Daiquiri is one such basic they revisit, addressing age-old questions, reminiscent of sugar versus syrup, the right way to dissolve granulated sugar, and which rum to make use of. The Daiquiri “is a world unto itself,” they are saying. “You would possibly discover it for the remainder of your life.”

Sugar Versus Syrup

There are two faculties of thought on which sweetener makes for a greater Daiquiri, and nobody can agree. However this may increasingly settle the matter. Whereas syrup takes care of the difficulty of the sugar remaining undissolved within the completed drink, it additionally provides water content material to the cocktail, washing out rum’s delicate flavors. Plus, since a lot of in the present day’s white rums are decrease proof than those initially used through the Daiquiri’s heyday within the Twenties, “reducing the quantity of water in different components is important for steadiness.” The reply, go together with the granulated sugar.

To completely dissolve the sugar granules, Tropical Normal shares this tip from tropical cocktail connoisseur Daniele Dalla Pola: use a milk frother. “This espresso accent, nothing greater than a small motorized whisk, is a flexible software, and a surprisingly transient buzz with a frother can dissolve all of the sugar a drink wants.”


When it come to the Daiquiri, Richard and Schaffer are very specific about ice. For shaken cocktails served up, they advocate loading a shaker with one medium (2-inch) dice and two small (1-inch cubes). “Shaking with two small cubes (for dilution) alongside one massive dice (for texture) hits the candy spot, delivering a tipple that has excellent composition, temperature, and alcohol content material.”


The basic Daiquiri recipe specifies a light-weight Cuban rum, however since Cuban rum will not be out there within the U.S., the authors counsel utilizing your favourite rum. Or, for these intent on utilizing a rum much like a light-weight Cuban rum, they counsel Don Q Cristal, Angostura White Oak, or Santa Teresa Claro. Rums that have been made for use in a Daiquiri embrace Probitas, Equiano Gentle, Hamilton White ’Stache, and Denizen Aged White.


5 drops salt resolution
1 Tbsp. sugar
3/4 oz. strained lime juice
2 oz. rum of your selection

Instruments: shaker, milk frother, strainer
Glass: coupe

Mix all of the components besides the rum in a shaker, and whisk with a milk frother till the sugar is absolutely dissolved. Add the rum and 1 medium and a pair of small ice cubes. Shake and pressure into a calming coupe (6 ounces).
Salt AnswerThe 4:1 ratio is concentrated sufficient to keep away from meddling in a drink’s dilution, but not so concentrated that the salt received’t dissolve.

80 g water
20 g salt

Mix the components, combine completely, and retailer in a dropper bottle. The answer doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

Excerpted from Tropical Normal: Cocktail Methods & Reinvented Recipes by Garret Richard & Ben Schaffer, Countryman Press, 2023. For extra info see TropicalStandard.com.




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