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The Distinctive Taste Profile And So A lot Extra


Think about that quiet, snug ambiance with wooden décor, colourful wall artwork, sofas, and low espresso tables—whether or not it’s an ideal espresso store or your cozy nook at residence—it’s an ambient the place it’s best to style Bourbon Mayagues espresso, recognized for its distinctive style and aroma.

The world of espresso shapes the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. And the record of Arabica and Robusta varieties is astounding; it conjures up customers who could take into consideration how espresso drink reached their palms. 

At the moment, we’ll discover Arabica Bourbon Mayaguez (no, not the well-known alcoholic drink, and likewise, no, not the island off the western coast of Puerto Rico). It’s honest to say that this espresso selection has impacted espresso tradition. We’ll provide you with perception into the distinctive taste notes and Bourbon Mayaguez traits, so the subsequent time you see it at your favourite roaster, you’ll know precisely what this particular brew presents!

Historical past and Origin of Bourbon Mayaguez

There are two forms of Bourbon Mayaguez: 71 and 139. The beans originate from Central America, they usually received their names as a result of they handed by the USDA’s assortment of genes used to enhance crops in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Bourbon-type beans are a necessary espresso selection in each Puerto Rico and Rwanda. Bourbon was developed by germplasm within the Democratic Republic of Congo within the Thirties and in Rwanda within the Fifties. As soon as Bourbon Mayaguez got here to East Africa, sure timber have been thought of higher than others for the beginning of a brand new selection. Due to these choices, we now have Bourbon Mayaguez 71 and 139. Each forms of Mayaguez beans share related traits. (1)

These days, Bourbon Mayaguez is generally grown within the Mayaguez area of Puerto Rico, Burundi, and Rwanda. In actual fact, 95% of Rwandan espresso crops are of the Arabica Bourbon selection, together with Mayaguez.

Traits of Bourbon Mayaguez

Bourbon Mayaguez is grown in tropical climates, and it prospers at excessive altitudes and on volcanic soil (for instance, within the Mayaguez area of Puerto Rico). These rising situations create an ideal setting for high-quality beans, distinctive taste, and aroma.

The bourbon espresso bean is a bit sweeter, with a pleasant, crisp acidity.

These are plant traits of Bourbon Mayaguez espresso:

  • Very best altitude: Medium and excessive
  • Left tip shade: Bronze
  • Plant stature: Tall
  • Bean dimension: Giant
  • Yield: Medium

The plant produces beans in its third 12 months. One factor to notice about Arabica espresso beans, together with the Mayaguez selection, is that they’re extremely prone to berry illness and occasional leaf rust.  

bourbon mayaguez coffee

The Taste Profile of Bourbon Mayaguez

Bourbon Mayaguez espresso has a wealthy and full-bodied taste. 

The espresso tastes candy and fruity, with hints of chocolate and caramel.

The commonest flavors of Bourbon Mayaguez are:

  • Chocolate—Resembles cocoa powder
  • Fruit—The commonest fruit flavors are berries and citrus fruits
  • Nutty—Notes of almond and hazelnut
  • Caramel—Candy and buttery caramel taste

Bourbon Mayaguez has excessive acidity balanced with the candy flavors of chocolate and caramel. The result’s a fancy, well-founded brew.

Bourbon Mayaguez: Last Ideas

Bourbon Mayaguez espresso beans have wealthy taste profiles that create a flavorful brew. It is a results of the distinctive rising situations of the plant. Subsequent time you come throughout Bourbon Mayaguez beans, make certain to present them a strive. It’s possible you’ll find yourself discovering a brand new favourite espresso taste.


Bourbon Mayaguez espresso beans are labeled as massive. Espresso bean dimension ranges from 8/64 to twenty/64 of an inch; 8/64 is classed as shells, and 20/64 may be very massive. In response to this classification, Bourbon Mayaguez beans are the second to final by way of dimension, and they’re bigger than Bourbon beans, that are labeled as common.

No, Bourbon espresso beans don’t have alcohol. The beans received their identify from the Reunion Island, Ile Bourbon. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to add a bourbon drink to the espresso. Bourbon pairs with Arabica beans very properly. This whiskey normally has vanilla tones, with some spices and cinnamon. Jim Bean Vanilla is the preferred bourbon customers add to their espresso.

Sure, Bourbon Mayaguez is prone to espresso berry illness (CBD). CBD normally assaults the growing berries throughout the inexperienced stage, which is 4 to 14 weeks after flowering. CBD creates darkish brown spots protecting the cherry, negatively affecting the berry’s high quality. Typically, all Bourbon beans are extremely prone to this illness.

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