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Fried ice cream balls – ICE CREAM NATION




Frozen ice cream – the roots and the fundamentals

Like with a lot else in ice cream historical past, there isn’t any clear reply to who and the place the mind-boggling thought to fry ice cream first originated. Some information level to China round 1800 as a main candidate, however it’s in any case very clear that the dish has moved round fairly a bit: right now, it’s usually related to Asian delicacies(s) usually, in addition to with Mexican cooking.

There are a number of variations, however the fundamentals stay the identical: extra-cold ice cream is roofed in some type of protecting batter/shell, then deep-fried and served.

You will have your favorite batter for frying, and that’s OK: I’ve seen many various recipes with or with out egg white and with totally different flours, crushed wafers, corn starch, crushed nuts and extra. A very powerful is to discover a batter that may work for deep-frying AND keep pleasantly tasty.

Myself, I used a combination that was each very simple to make and surprisingly tasty: crushed corn flakes combined with some floor cinnamon. Then a whipped-up egg white so as to make all of it stick.

[I should mention an alternative to deep-frying, courtesy of Jaclyn from Cooking Classy. In her version, the shell mix is prepared on the stove and then applied to the ice cream balls. Needless to say, that will create a somewhat different texture experience, but do check it out in case you want to try it! ]


The method

Put together the “batter-mix”: put some corn flakes in a plastic bag along with some floor cinnamon. Combine effectively and crush.

Choose your favorite ice cream – in a pinch, you would even go for store-bought. I selected to go along with basic vanilla however once more, the selection is yours!

Scoop up some ice cream balls, forming them to most well-liked dimension and type. You may persist with “scoop-sized” or transfer up in the direction of “mandarin-size”.

Yeah, I do know. Not precisely industrial rounded perfection and now additionally a bit too smooth to be rolled within the corn flakes. I needed to put them into the freezer for a few hours’ hardening – in case you’re working quicker than me, chances are you’ll skip that step 😉

That is higher: these ice cream balls must be chilly sufficient to be lined in our corn flakes-mixture.

In case your ice cream nonetheless is chilly and holds effectively collectively, roll the balls within the crushed corn flakes/cinnamon. Whisk up an egg white, roll the balls in it, then shortly re-roll them within the corn flakes crush combine once more: the ice cream balls ought to now be effectively and duly lined!

The subsequent step is sort of essential: in preparation for the ultimate frying, put the “battered” ice cream balls in your freezer for at the least 2-3 of hours or over evening. In case you need your fried ice cream to come back out OK, the ice cream must be very chilly when it goes into the frying pan. Take it from me – if you’re impatient and fry “much less hardened” ice cream, it should soften too shortly and most probably destroy your balls from the within … so to say).



Prepared for frying after a number of hours within the freezer to agency up!

Warmth the frying oil to about you ought to be alright in case you drop a number of corn flakes into the oil they usually begin to fizzle).

Now, fry the ice cream balls for about 160° C / 320° F (10 seconds. For those who go for longer, there’s a threat that the ice cream will soften an excessive amount of and they’ll crack. If that’s the case, they are going to nonetheless be tasty however won’t be as visually spectacular because the balls that maintain collectively 😉

Very good fizzle!

We’re completed! Let the fried ice cream balls drip off on some paper, then serve instantly!

Whereas very tasty on their very own, you would additionally serve them with issues like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, recent fruit, some drizzled honey …

Simply out of the frying pan

Fried and really, very tasty

Fried and really tasty!

The mixture of the fried cinnamon-infused corn flakes shell and the softened ice cream inside was scrumptious. I used to be very pleasantly shocked! A part of the enjoyment additionally lies in experiencing the intriguing mixture of fried and frozen. 

Whereas deep fry-batter is usually a bit overwhelming at occasions, the corn flakes-mix used right here felt good and even “gentle”. Whereas the making of fried ice cram does require some accounting for further freezing-time preparation, the remainder is extraordinarily simple. And that is clearly a dessert to dazzle your folks and family members with! 

So, convey out your oil and corn flakes and get some ice cream! A fizzling and delicous expertise is ready!


Fried ice cream balls



  • Ice cream of your alternative (vanilla is an effective alternative), scooped in balls
  • Impartial oil for (deep-) frying (I used sunflower oil)
  • Corn flakes (crushed)
  • Floor cinnamon
  • 1 egg white (whisked)
  • Elective aspect servings: recent fruit, chocolate sauce, drizzled honey, whipped cream …
  1. Crush the corn flakes and add desired quantity of floor cinnamon. Combine weill (this could ideally be completed in a plastic bag). Whisk the egg white and put in small bowl or on a deep plate.
  2. Scoop up desired quantity of ice cream balls, probably forming them to desired dimension/form.
  3. When the ice cream balls are chilly sufficient (if not, allow them to first agency up within the freezer for a while), roll them within the corn flakes-cinnamon combine, then roll them within the egg white and re-roll them within the corn flakes combine: they need to now be correctly coated.
  4. Put the “coated” ice cream balls within the freezer for about 2-3 hours or over evening.
  5. When the ice cream balls have been correctly “hardened” within the freezer, put together the frying.
  6. Warmth the frying oil to about 160° C / 320° F.
  7. Fry the ice cream balls for about 10 seconds, which must be sufficient and nonetheless permit the balls to carry collectively.
  8. Let the fried ice cream balls drip off on a paper, then serve instantly!








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