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A Newbie’s Information to Cooking With Kief & Hash


Subsequent to my olive oil and kosher salt sits a small, hotel-size jam jar of decarbed kief. As a meals author, recipe developer, and maker of my very own cannabis-infused confections, this easy type of concentrated hashish permits me to have weed on the able to sprinkle into any recipe with out additional work or difficult calculations. Kief is to hashish cooking what granulated sugar is to sugar cane, or all-purpose flour is to wheat: the accessible, easy-to-use model of a plant that’s been processed for home-cooking comfort.

Like all-purpose flour versus wheat kernels, utilizing kief as a substitute of flower cuts the cooking time for making edibles in half. It additionally leaves the dearer hashish buds for the format wherein they style greatest: snarled in a joint, not steeped in butter for hours on finish. In the meantime, kief—aka the concentrated resins of hashish vegetation—is definitely out there in states the place weed is authorized and is right as a result of it merely melts into any fats. That’s proper: You need to use kief to make edibles with out worrying about making ready cannabis-infused butter or oil forward of time. Past the benefit of cooking with it, kief tastes much less grassy than flower and packs much more efficiency. In a nutshell, cooking with kief (and different concentrated types of hashish, equivalent to hash) yields tastier edibles whereas delivering a robust excessive.

Word: Should you’re contemplating having fun with the recipes beneath, please seek the advice of and comply with the authorized restrictions for managed substances the place you reside. As a result of there are such a lot of variables with home made edibles, go slowly. You could need to begin with half a serving and decide your tolerance and very best dose from there. And at all times wait a pair hours to really feel the results. Whereas we love cooking with hashish, it is also vital to deal with the difficult relationship america has with hashish and incarceration. To learn extra on the subject, try the articles beneath:

The right way to make kief & hash

Within the backside compartment of a three-piece grinder, the crystals (aka trichomes) of sticky buds accumulate with every flip of the lid. These trichomes break off from the buds, sift by way of a mesh display screen, and pile right into a cheesy powder known as kief. Most grinders with a kief catcher include a miniature spackle device for scraping the crystals from the grinder. As soon as collected, the kief is greatest saved in a glass or plastic container in a cool, darkish area.

One other—albeit barely extra concerned—technique for making kief requires dry ice. On the cooking present I co-hosted, Bong Appetit, we made a kief shaker out of a cylindrical espresso tin and a effective display screen. The weed went into the tin with dry ice, then we fitted the display screen to the highest of the tin with rubber bands. With a mild shake, the dry ice made the frigid crystals (or trichomes) break off like powdered sugar, and the effective mud fell by way of the display screen onto a sheet of parchment paper.

Every time house growers ask me the best way to cook dinner with trim (leftover bits from hashish vegetation which are collected after harvest), which makes very inexperienced edibles, I inform them to make kief. Whereas it is true that the method requires a number of weed or trim to get a considerable quantity of kief, a bit of goes a good distance on the subject of edibles.

Wherever you discover hashish, you’ll additionally discover hash or cannabis, a focus produced from kief. From Moroccan majoon to Alice B. Toklas’ iconic cannabis fudge, hash has lengthy performed a job within the historical past of constructing edibles. The oldest technique of constructing hash, generally known as ‘finger hash,’ is made by scraping off the residue that builds up on trimmers’ fingers over time. For a cleaner product, much like the dry-ice technique of constructing kief, cold-water hash (often known as bubble hash) makes use of ice water to make the crystals brittle. Then, with a bit of agitation (as if inside a washer), the crystals break off from the plant. The hash will get washed additional with a sprig hose by way of a number of layers of screens, with every progressive layer producing a finer, purer last product. As a result of it’s processed on this manner, cold-water hash tends to be larger efficiency than kief or finger hash. Different strategies for making hash use butane or carbon dioxide to extract the trichomes, whereas bubble or cold-water hash is solventless. Hash could be packaged as-is or pressed, heated, and rolled into balls (generally known as temple balls). The compressed hash preserves the trichomes by eradicating oxygen which may degrade THC to CBN, the sleepy time cannabinoid. (For more information on the artwork of hash making, try the Dank Duchess.)

Shopping for Kief & Hash

Should you dwell in a state with authorized hashish, the efficiency of kief or hash will probably be clearly labeled on the store-bought package deal. Relying on the pressure, high-quality kief has a light-weight inexperienced, golden, or perhaps a purple hue, whereas its lower-quality counterparts appear to be broccoli. Hash high quality, in distinction, requires greater than only a skilled eye: As a result of hash ranges in colour from sand to a darkish brown sugar, seems to be alone received’t inform you a lot about its high quality. The actual take a look at for hash high quality comes all the way down to the way it melts. Excessive-quality hash will totally soften with out residue, whereas low-quality hash with extra plant particles will solely partially soften.

Once I purchase hash for cooking, I take note of its efficiency and odor. When lab-tested hash is on the market, I search for upwards of 50 p.c efficiency. In any other case, I comply with my nostril and odor for flavors relying on the recipe. Once I made a sizzling fudge sauce, I used a fruity Banana Taffy pressure to play on a banana break up. For one thing extra savory, like these Tacky Turmeric Crackers, I’d discover a pressure with extra peppery notes (a product of a compound generally known as beta-caryophyllene).

Take into account that no matter what pressure you decide, it received’t have an effect on the kind of excessive created by your edibles. It’s because edibles, not like smoked hashish, are metabolized by the liver. Merely put: When selecting a pressure of hash or kief, use efficiency and your edibles’ taste profile as your information.

Activating Kief & Hash for Cooking

Similar to flower, hash and kief must endure decarboxylation, the method by which warmth is used to activate the psychoactive properties of hashish. Per my lab testing with Encore Lab, each hash and kief decarb at a lot the identical fee. I examined some 23 p.c THCA cold-water hash by baking it in a toaster oven at 245°F, in each parchment and in an oven-safe silicon pouch. After 5 minutes, 10 p.c of the THCA was decarboxylated into THC. After 10 minutes, that decarb fee jumped to 80 p.c. By half-hour, the hash reached 88 p.c decarboxylation. Primarily based on these lab outcomes, we all know that many of the decarboxylation occurs inside the first 10 minutes—a further 20 minutes solely positive aspects one other eight p.c. The hash I used for this experiment was low efficiency to start with and over two years previous, so a few of the THCA had naturally decarbed over time at room temperature—24 milligrams to be actual. The hash began with 206 milligrams of THCA per gram of hash and after thirty minutes had 202 milligrams of THC and a pair of.79 milligrams of THCA left. I like to avoid wasting time, so I normally solely decarb hash for 10 minutes relatively than convert each final milligram of THCA, however be at liberty to take all of it the way in which. As soon as the hash has been decarbed, you may get baking with it.

Getting the best dosage

As a result of hash and kief are stronger than flower, you’ll need to begin cooking with it in small, managed dosages. Purchase a metric scale that measures milligrams—the extra exact the measurement, the extra constant the dose. Most bakers use scales to weigh components for replicable outcomes, and the identical applies to edibles. The one distinction is {that a} heavy hand with edibles can result in sofa lock.

One gram of hash (about half a teaspoon) packs anyplace from 500 milligrams to 800 milligrams of THCA, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that turns into THC when activated. For comparability, bud or flower ranges from 120 milligrams to 350 milligrams THCA per gram. In the meantime, in most leisure states, the utmost dose for an edible tops at simply 10 milligrams per serving.

Once I plan to infuse a recipe, I at all times take a look at the batch dimension and think about what number of servings individuals eat. Take these Twice-Baked Soufflés, for instance: The recipe makes six soufflés. To dose them at roughly 10 milligrams of THC every, utilizing a hash with 50 p.c THC efficiency, I’d use 0.15 grams of decarbed hash. Right here’s why:

  • Every gram of uncooked hash (at 50 p.c efficiency) accommodates 500 milligrams of THCA.
  • As a common rule, I calculate a 20 p.c lack of efficiency throughout decarboxylation and the general cooking course of, which brings down the ultimate efficiency per gram of hash to 400 milligrams of THC.
  • Reverse engineer the maths by dividing one gram by 400 then multiplying by 60 (for six soufflés at 10 milligrams THC every) and voilà, you solely want 0.15 grams of hash for the entire recipe—barely a pinch.

For recipes with out clear batch sizes, like this Scottish Toffee, be sincere about serving sizes. I eat toffee by the handful, not by the crumb. To play it secure, I like to check out the batch dimension by making the recipe sans weed. Then, as soon as I do know precisely how a lot a recipe yields, I determine the dose dimension. Plus, then I’ve extra toffee to munch on as soon as the edibles kick in—a win-win.

As soon as I’ve the dose down, I search for a fats within the recipe to combine within the hash or kief. The perfect half about cooking with kief, hash, or some other focus boils all the way down to the benefit of infusion. Let’s return to the soufflé recipe for example. As an alternative of constructing cannabutter, which requires infusing and straining the weed within the butter, you possibly can merely sprinkle the decarbed kief or hash into the 4 tablespoons of melted butter within the base of the soufflé. I wish to name this infusion à la minute.

Since hash and kief have had most of their plant matter eliminated, they merely mix into recipes with no need to steep in a fats—however homogeneity issues. To make sure the hash or kief will get totally included all through a recipe, I whisk it into melted butter, let it soften into frivolously heated olive oil as I fry my onions for tomato sauce, or whisk it into heated cream for salted caramels. Even distribution can mark the distinction between a nice journey full of giggles and munchies and a full-on meltdown. If a big chunk of kief or hash lands in a single cookie, caramel, or piece of Scottish Toffee, the sport of edible roulette dangers turning into an disagreeable, anxiety-riddled expertise. Ethical of the story—ensure that the hash or kief will get totally blended and evenly dispersed into every portion.

There you could have it: Edibles which are simpler to make and style higher than these made with long-steeped cannabutter and infused oil. Once I began making edibles over a decade in the past, growers would give me their leftover trim in rubbish baggage. It smelt dank, and it made a really green-tasting last product. Cooking with hash or kief removes all of that plant particles and the chlorophyllic aftertaste that comes with it, leading to a very scrumptious edible with out all of the fuss.

Have you ever cooked with hash or kief? Inform us about it within the feedback!




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