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Varieties of Salt – My Baking Habit


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Do you end up overwhelmed by the entire several types of salt on the grocery retailer? Be taught in regards to the varied salts used for cooking so you understand what to search for subsequent time you buy groceries!

I don’t learn about you, however once I was rising up, there was just about one sort of salt: desk salt. We used it for cooking and baking and that was it.

If you happen to had a grandma who made pickles, generally you’d come throughout pickling salt. And now and again you would possibly see rock salt for utilizing in ice cream makers, however that wasn’t fairly often.

After all different varieties of salt existed, however they weren’t straightforward to seek out at your normal grocery retailer again within the ‘80s and ‘90s. However lately? You stroll into the spice aisle and you’ll find at the very least half a dozen several types of salt.

I spend loads of time watching the Meals Community and scrolling via cooking TikTok, so I’ve discovered so much about how totally different sorts of salt are used. However even then it’s straightforward to get them combined up!

I’ve put collectively this publish as a primer on the 9 sorts of salt most residence cooks would possibly encounter, together with what every one is and the way it’s utilized in cooking. 

Now you’ll know what to search for subsequent time you head to the grocery retailer or discover a specialty cooking store!


There are dozens of several types of salt out on this planet, however not all of them are edible. However even in case you slim your search right down to the varieties of salt used particularly for cooking, there are nonetheless a ton of various varieties on the market!

As you’ll see, the factor that makes every salt totally different is the way it’s harvested, how a lot moisture it comprises, the scale of the grains, the colour, and the minerals it comprises.

There’s loads of information on the market, however I’ve taken the highlights and summarized them for every salt we’re going to speak about. Think about this a great place to begin to make your purchasing simpler and to assist translate in case you see one thing particular talked about in a publish or recipe!


Desk salt is that finely granulated salt that almost all of us are used to discovering in salt shakers. It’s additionally most likely what most of us grew up with in our kitchens. If you happen to’re like me, it’s what you thought all cooking salt was for a very long time!

What’s desk salt?

Desk salt is without doubt one of the extra extremely processed varieties of salt. It’s made up primarily of sodium chloride, with different minerals eliminated throughout processing.

Desk salt is often mined from underground deposits and sometimes contains added iodine to assist stop iodine deficiency.

Desk salt makes use of

Like I mentioned, desk salt is what you’ll most frequently discover in normal salt shakers, at the very least right here within the US. 

It may be utilized in cooking and baking simply positive, however doesn’t normally add a lot taste to your meals apart from saltiness since the entire minerals have been processed out.


Kosher salt might be the primary sort of salt, apart from desk salt, that I actually discovered about once I began watching Meals Community. 

What’s kosher salt?

Kosher salt is much less processed than desk salt, though it’s nonetheless primarily made up of sodium chloride.

Kosher salt has a lot bigger crystals than desk salt, and the form of the crystals range by model – so does the salinity by quantity.

The identify comes from its use within the Jewish apply of dry brining (or koshering) meat.

Kosher salt makes use of

Kosher salt is often utilized in cooking, fairly than as a desk salt. It’s nice in all normal cooking and is ideal for brining meats. (Use it in your Thanksgiving turkey brine!)

Due to the scale of the crystals, it’s additionally nice for cleansing forged iron pans


Anybody who grew up with a grandma who canned and pickled summer time greens most likely is aware of about pickling salt.

What’s pickling salt?

Pickling salt is pure sodium chloride. It does not include any anti-caking brokers or components – this retains the salt from discoloring pickles or making pickling brines cloudy.

The granules are additionally very, very positive, which helps it dissolve simply in brines.

Since pickling salt doesn’t have any anti-caking brokers in it, it’s further necessary to retailer it in an hermetic container away from moisture to forestall clumping.

Pickling salt makes use of

Because the identify suggests, pickling salt is nice for utilizing in pickles! Strive it in pickled inexperienced beans.

If you wish to make pickles however don’t need to purchase pickling salt, you’ll be able to substitute pure sea salt or kosher salt with out components.


Even in case you grew up cooking and baking with desk salt, you’ve gotten most likely heard of sea salt. However you won’t know why it’s so in style!

What’s sea salt?

Sea salt is sourced by evaporating ocean water or the water from saltwater lakes. As you might need guessed, it’s much less processed than desk salt and retains hint minerals that add taste and (generally) coloration to the salt.

Sea salt is a sort of salt that’s accessible in all the things from positive grains to bigger crystals. You’ll be able to put the positive grains in a salt shaker or get the bigger crystals for placing right into a salt grinder.

Sea salt makes use of

Sea salt can be utilized in any cooking or baking recipe, particularly if it’s positive sea salt. Today, I like to make use of it in most cooking and baking, from home made ranch seasoning and Chipotle French dressing to spritz cookies.


Do you know that “fleur de sel” interprets to “flower salt” in French? It sounds so fancy (and it’s fancy!), nevertheless it’s turning into a lot simpler to seek out in shops lately.

What’s fleur de sel?

Fleur de sel may be very labor intensive to gather, making it the most costly kind of salt.

Fleur de sel is the salt that types as a skinny crust as seawater evaporates. In reality, the identify comes from the flower-like patterns that kind on this crust.

It needs to be harvested by hand utilizing salt pans or marsh basins. Seawater is drawn in to evaporate, then the salt that floats on the floor is harvested as fleur de sel – the remainder of the salt is collected as common sea salt.

The fleur de sel crystals are then positioned in particular packing containers to dry within the solar. It’s dealt with very fastidiously via this entire course of to keep away from breaking apart the fragile flakes.

Fleur de sel makes use of

Fleur de sel is used as a ending salt. When you’ve got some, attempt including it to air fryer inexperienced beans or as a ending to my favourite chocolate chip cookies.


Sel gris – which interprets to “grey salt” – will get its identify from it’s grey coloration. However it’s a lot extra attention-grabbing than simply the identify would possibly counsel. 

What’s sel gris?

Like fleur de sel, sel gris is evaporated within the solar utilizing salt pans, nevertheless it’s allowed to return into contact with the underside of the pans, which is what offers it its coloration.

Along with the colour, it’s also a coarser salt than fleur de sel. And, in comparison with different varieties of salt, it’s a fairly moist salt.

Sel gris makes use of

Sel gris can be utilized in just about any cooking or ending utility, however it’s mostly paired with hearty meals like steak and root greens. Strive it on air fryer roasted potatoes or sauteed radishes.


If you understand anybody with a type of Himalayan salt lamps, you then’re already aware of pink salt!

What’s pink salt?

Himalayan salt is the most well-liked and well-known kind of pink salt. It’s a rock salt mined from the Punjab area of Pakistan.

Pink salt retains its minerals, giving it its pink coloration and taste. Due to the minerals, some folks imagine it to be a “more healthy” salt, though there’s little analysis to substantiate this.

Like sea salt, pink salt is without doubt one of the varieties of salt you’ll find in positive granules, bigger crystals, and even large slabs.

Pink salt makes use of

Once more, just like sea salt, you should use pink salt in just about any cooking and baking. Strive it in rooster and wild rice soup or air fryer rotisserie rooster.

One factor that units pink salt other than different varieties of salt is that it may be used as a cooking floor as effectively! The slabs and blocks can be utilized for grilling and sauteing and might even be used as a serving platter.


Have you ever ever seen me name for ending a dish with flakey sea salt? Then you might be already a bit of bit aware of flake salt!

What’s flake salt?

Flake salt is a sort of salt with flat, dry, flake-like crystals. (Fairly than the diamond-shaped crystals of some kosher salt, and so forth.)

Flake salt can happen naturally but additionally will be produced in a wide range of methods. 

Due to the form, it sticks very effectively to meals. Maldon is essentially the most well-known flake salt.

Flake salt makes use of

Flake salt is commonly utilized by cooks as a result of it is vitally straightforward to pinch and crush between your fingertips, which is sweet for seasoning management. You’d be laborious pressed to discover a chef who doesn’t have flake salt of their kitchen!

Flake salt is unbelievable for ending. I like to recommend making an attempt on kitchen sink cookies, apple galette, and salted caramel chocolate chip blondies.


Once I was rising up, there was virtually at all times a container of seasoned salt within the pantry. If you happen to grew up within the Midwest, I guess you had some in your kitchen as effectively.

What’s seasoned salt

Seasoned salt is just a mix of desk salt, herbs, and spices. The most typical seasonings are onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika. Different seasonings, comparable to thyme, black pepper, and sugar, could also be included relying on the model.

Among the hottest manufacturers of seasoned salt embody Lawry’s, Morton Season-All, Cajun or Creole seasoning, and Outdated Bay.

Seasoned salt makes use of

Seasoned salt is utilized in cooking and grilling. I like to make use of it when making air fryer rooster tenders and french onion dip.


The 9 varieties of salt listed above are the most typical salts utilized in residence cooking, though they aren’t the one ones. Different varieties you would possibly encounter embody black salt, purple salt, and different flavored salts (truffle salt, chipotle salt, and so forth.)

Whether or not you like cooking or baking, you must give a few of these salts a attempt! Discover your native grocery or specialty spice store and see what they’ve to supply. You would possibly simply discover your new favourite salt.




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