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The Battle of the Breweries (2023) – Walhalla Convention: Group Stage


The Battle of the Breweries (2023)

The Battle of the Breweries – 2023

Its now time to begin the match off! At present is the primary day of voting (February twenty seventh, 2023). Every week of voting (till the finals) lasts one week, and can go from the Monday that voting begins, till the subsequent Sunday at 11:59:59 PM. So this week’s spherical of voting – the Convention Group Stage – will final till Sunday March fifth, 2023 11:59:59 PM EST.

You may learn the overview articles right here:

The overall gist:

The group spherical would be the similar construction because the World Cup’s – the highest two “groups” (ie. breweries) with probably the most factors (ie. most votes) transfer on to the match. The large distinction is that every group will probably be 5 breweries as an alternative of the 4 groups within the World Cup.

The match construction is fairly straight ahead. 4 conferences of 16 breweries. The teams will probably be saved for the conferences, so every convention can have 8 teams which can be locked in for that convention. After the group spherical ends, and the breweries advance, I’ll seed them based mostly on their Untappd scores. (So a 4.04 Untappd ranking will probably end in a 1 Seed, whereas a 3.31 Untappd ranking will probably end in a 16 seed.)

The match then runs linear much like NCAA’s March Insanity and different comparable bracket tournaments. 16 vs. 1, 15 vs. 2, 14 vs. 3, 13 vs. 4, and so on. The winner of every convention will then face off in a deadly 4 – option to decide the true champion of The Beer Thrillers’ Battle of the Breweries (2023).

Previous Event Announcement Posts:


Right here’s what you’ve been ready for! Lets kick this match off and begin the voting!

Voting lasts from now – Monday February twenty seventh, 2023 – at any time when this publish goes dwell – till Sunday March fifth, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM EST.

You may vote as soon as per day, so make sure to share the voting pages with as many individuals as doable to assist your favourite breweries out. Within the group stage you have got a a number of selection for every group. Decide the breweries you need to see transfer on. The highest two from every group will advance. (So I like to recommend solely voting for 2 per group.)

Okay, right here we go:

Walhalla Convention Voting

Statistics – View the outcomes


The outcomes will probably be posted early Monday morning subsequent week (suppose 8 AM til 10 AM) (March sixth, 2023). After the outcomes pages go up, we’ll then publish the brand new pages for voting.

Recap on the Conferences and Teams

For a full itemizing of the conferences and teams, you’ll be able to learn the listing right here:

These hop names and thus the convention names are:

  • Chinook
  • Nugget
  • Saaz
  • Walhalla

I selected 4 completely different varieties that I develop at house / (aka The Beer Thrillers Headquarters). Every of those conferences can have 8 teams of 5 breweries every, after the group stage every convention can have 16 breweries in a match.

Let’s take an early have a look at what breweries are in what conferences:


  1. Hackensack Brewing Firm
  2. Chubby Squirrel Brewing Firm
  3. Compass Mill Faucet Room
  4. Acclamation Brewing Firm
  5. Forbes Path Brewing
  6. Bronx Brewery
  7. Dancing Gnome Brewing
  8. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery
  9. Shiny Path Brewing Firm
  10. South County Brewing Firm
  11. Capitol Metropolis Brewing
  12. Tattered Flag Brewing
  13. Unsuitable Crowd Brewing
  14. Valhalla Brewing
  15. River Horse Brewing
  16. Harper’s Ferry Brewing
  17. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  18. Sly Fox Brewing
  19. Bolero Snort Brewing
  20. Steinhardt Brewing
  21. River Path Brewing
  22. Breaker Brewing
  23. Bucket Brigade Brewing
  24. Burley Oak Brewery
  25. Black Flag Brewing
  26. Mudhook Brewery
  27. Growth Metropolis Brewing Firm
  28. Pineknotter Brewing Firm
  29. Sapwood Cellars
  30. Rusty Rail Brewing
  31. Tough Edges Brewing
  32. Flood Zone Brewing
  33. Little Fish Brewing
  34. Chilly Water Brewing
  35. Hop Farm Brewing
  36. Schaylor Brewing
  37. Cox Brewing Firm
  38. Attaboy Beer
  39. Cushwa Brewing Firm
  40. Ever Grain Brewing Firm


  1. Brix Metropolis Brewing
  2. Willow Creek Brewing
  3. Elder Pine Brewing and Mixing
  4. Interior Groove Brewing
  5. ZeroDay Brewing
  6. Masthead Brewing
  7. Hitchhiker Brewing Firm
  8. Mellow Mink Brewing
  9. Ten Eyck Brewing
  10. Misplaced Mined Brewing
  11. Victory Brewing
  12. Imprint Beer Co.
  13. Sterling Pig Brewing
  14. Bathroom Turtle Brewing
  15. Von C Brewing
  16. Loakal Department Brewing
  17. Bunnyman Brewing
  18. J.J. Ratigan Brewing
  19. Liquid Artwork Brewing
  20. Shy Bear Brewing
  21. Aslin Beer Co.
  22. Wheatland Springs Farm and Brewery
  23. 7 Mile Brewing
  24. Burnish Beer Firm
  25. Jailbreak Brewing
  26. Susquehanna Brewing
  27. Bullfrog Brewery
  28. Eclipse Craft Brewery
  29. Hysteria Brewing
  30. Massive Canine Craft Brewing
  31. Columbia Kettle Works
  32. Saucony Creek Brewing
  33. Jackie O’s Brewery
  34. Solar King Brewery
  35. Allusion Brewing
  36. Black Forest Brewing
  37. Chatty Monks Brewing
  38. Idiom Brewing
  39. Yellow Bridge Brewing
  40. Troegs Unbiased Craft Brewing


  1. Outdated Ox Brewery
  2. Selin’s Grove Brewing
  3. Unusual Roots Brewing
  4. Southern Tier Brewing
  5. Wacker Brewing
  6. Noble Beast Brewing
  7. Lydian Stone Brewing
  8. AleCraft Brewing
  9. Liquid Hero Brewing
  10. Lined Bridge Brewhause
  11. Free Will Brewing
  12. Warwick Farm Brewery
  13. Levante Brewing
  14. Human Robotic Beer
  15. Massive Backside Brewery
  16. Tall Tales Brewing
  17. Mustang Sally Brewing
  18. Hemaur Brewing
  19. Fats Bat Brewing
  20. Robin Hood Brewing
  21. Ocelot Brewing
  22. Fetish Brewing
  23. Cape Might Brewing
  24. RAR Brewing
  25. Ripestine’s Brewpub
  26. Benny Brewing
  27. New Path Brewing Firm
  28. Three Beards Brewing
  29. Slate Farm Brewing
  30. Our City Brewery
  31. Raney Cellars Brewing
  32. Gearhouse Brewing
  33. City Artifact Brewing
  34. Land – Grant Brewing Firm
  35. Levity Brewing
  36. Pour Man’s Brewing
  37. Appalachian Brewing Firm
  38. Fourscore Beer Co.
  39. Logyard Brewing
  40. Pizza Boy Brewing Firm


  1. Funk Brewing
  2. Mad Chef Brewing
  3. Boneshire Brew Works
  4. Misplaced Rhino Brewing
  5. Oakbrook Brewing
  6. VooDoo Brewing
  7. Abjuration Brewing
  8. Bespoke Brewing
  9. Canton Brewing Firm
  10. Misplaced Barrel Brewing
  11. Massive Truck Farm Brewing
  12. Scrubby’s Craft Brewery
  13. Different Half Brewing Firm
  14. Outdated Forge Brewing
  15. Braeloch Brewing
  16. Dew Level Brewing
  17. Punch Buggy Brewing
  18. Dewey Beer Co.
  19. Crooked Run Fermentation
  20. The Alementary
  21. Smoketown Brewing
  22. Axemann Brewery
  23. Adroit Idea Brewing
  24. Collusion Faucet Works
  25. Gusto Brewery
  26. Cult Traditional Brewing
  27. The Isle of Que Brewing
  28. Remedy Brewing
  29. Wolf Brewing Firm
  30. LoveDraft’s Brewing Firm
  31. Jackass Brewery
  32. Hell in a Bucket Brewing
  33. Brewery Fireplace
  34. Morgantown Brewing Firm
  35. Braxton Brewing Firm
  36. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Firm
  37. Juniata Brewing
  38. Snitz Creek Brewing
  39. Ministry of Brewing
  40. Abolitionist Ale Works

Notice, these have been randomly assigned to the conferences (rolled D4s to get them of their locations). I’ll then use D8s to roll them into their teams for the group stage spherical. The above itemizing is not any indication of their Untappd rating or placements.


Group A:

  1. Hackensack Brewing Firm
  2. Compass Mill Faucet Room
  3. South County Brewing Firm
  4. Dancing Gnome Brewing
  5. Unsuitable Crowd Brewing

Group B:

  1. Black Flag Brewing
  2. Growth Metropolis Brewing Firm
  3. Mudhook Brewery
  4. River Path Brewing
  5. Chubby Squirrel Brewing Firm

Group C:

  1. Bronx Brewery
  2. Cox Brewing Firm
  3. Ever Grain Brewing Firm
  4. Bucket Brigade Brewing
  5. Steinhardt Brewing

Group D:

  1. Cushwa Brewing Firm
  2. Pineknotter Brewing Firm
  3. Capitol Metropolis Brewing
  4. Hop Farm Brewing
  5. Flood Zone Brewing

Group E:

  1. Burley Oak Brewery
  2. River Horse Brewing
  3. Chilly Water Brewing
  4. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery
  5. Forbes Path Brewing

Group F:

  1. Bolero Snort Brewing
  2. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  3. Attaboy Beer
  4. Schaylor Brewing
  5. Sly Fox Brewing

Group G:

  1. Little Fish Brewing
  2. Tough Edges Brewing
  3. Valhalla Brewing
  4. Harper’s Ferry Brewing
  5. Breaker Brewing

Group H:

  1. Rusty Rail Brewing
  2. Sapwood Cellars
  3. Tattered Flag Brewing
  4. Shiny Path Brewing Firm
  5. Acclamation Brewing Firm

Group A:

  1. Brix Metropolis Brewing
  2. Interior Groove Brewing
  3. Liquid Artwork Brewing
  4. Eclipse Craft Brewery
  5. Black Forest Brewing

Group B:

  1. Troegs Unbiased Craft Brewing
  2. Susquehanna Brewing
  3. Misplaced Mined Brewing
  4. ZeroDay Brewing
  5. Massive Canine Craft Brewing

Group C:

  1. Bathroom Turtle Brewing
  2. Von C Brewing
  3. Hitchhiker Brewing Firm
  4. Willow Creek Brewing
  5. Saucony Creek Brewing

Group D:

  1. Solar King Brewery
  2. Idiom Brewing
  3. Yellow Bridge Brewing
  4. Burnish Beer Firm
  5. 7 Mile Brewing

Group E:

  1. Jackie O’s Brewery
  2. Bullfrog Brewery
  3. Sterling Pig Brewing
  4. Loakal Department Brewing
  5. Victory Brewing

Group F:

  1. Bunnyman Brewing
  2. Chatty Monks Brewing
  3. Hysteria Brewing
  4. Wheatland Springs Farm and Brewery
  5. J.J. Ratigan Brewing

Group G:

  1. Ten Eyck Brewing
  2. Allusion Brewing
  3. Aslin Beer Co.
  4. Jailbreak Brewing
  5. Elder Pine Brewing and Mixing

Group H:

  1. Masthead Brewing
  2. Shy Bear Brewing
  3. Mellow Mink Brewing
  4. Imprint Beer Co.
  5. Columbia Kettle Works

Group A:

  1. Outdated Ox Brewery
  2. Hemaur Brewing
  3. Land – Grant Brewing Firm
  4. Fetish Brewing
  5. Appalachian Brewing Firm

Group B:

  1. Unusual Roots Brewing
  2. Noble Beast Brewing
  3. Lined Bridge Brewhause
  4. Levante Brewing
  5. Mustang Sally Brewing

Group C:

  1. Selin’s Grove Brewing
  2. Pizza Boy Brewing Firm
  3. Logyard Brewing
  4. Cape Might Brewing
  5. Three Beards Brewing

Group D:

  1. Ripestine’s Brewpub
  2. Southern Tier Brewing
  3. Human Robotic Beer
  4. City Artifact Brewing
  5. Tall Tales Brewing

Group E:

  1. Lydian Stone Brewing
  2. Raney Cellars Brewing
  3. Warwick Farm Brewery
  4. Slate Farm Brewing
  5. Benny Brewing

Group F:

  1. Pour Man’s Brewing
  2. Fourscore Beer Co.
  3. New Path Brewing Firm
  4. Liquid Hero Brewing
  5. Wacker Brewing

Group G:

  1. AleCraft Brewing
  2. Levity Brewing
  3. Our City Brewery
  4. Robin Hood Brewing
  5. Free Will Brewing

Group H:

  1. Gearhouse Brewing
  2. RAR Brewing
  3. Ocelot Brewing
  4. Fats Bat Brewing
  5. Massive Backside Brewery

Group A:

  1. Scrubby’s Craft Brewery
  2. Braeloch Brewing
  3. Smoketown Brewing
  4. Different Half Brewing Firm
  5. Boneshire Brew Works

Group B:

  1. Funk Brewing
  2. Crooked Run Fermentation
  3. Adroit Idea Brewing
  4. Oakbrook Brewing
  5. Remedy Brewing

Group C:

  1. Punch Buggy Brewing
  2. Mad Chef Brewing
  3. LoveDraft’s Brewing Firm
  4. Ministry of Brewing
  5. Cult Traditional Brewing

Group D:

  1. Gusto Brewery
  2. Collusion Faucet Works
  3. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Firm
  4. Snitz Creek Brewing
  5. Canton Brewing Firm

Group E:

  1. Misplaced Rhino Brewing
  2. VooDoo Brewing
  3. Hell in a Bucket Brewing
  4. Morgantown Brewing Firm
  5. Outdated Forge Brewing

Group F:

  1. Massive Truck Farm Brewing
  2. Braxton Brewing Firm
  3. The Isle of Que Brewing
  4. Axemann Brewery
  5. Jackass Brewery

Group G:

  1. The Alementary
  2. Brewery Fireplace
  3. Juniata Brewing
  4. Abolitionist Ale Works
  5. Misplaced Barrel Brewing

Group H:

  1. Wolf Brewing Firm
  2. Abjuration Brewing
  3. Dew Level Brewing
  4. Bespoke Brewing
  5. Dewey Beer Co.

Thanks For Studying

Thanks all for studying and bearing with me this morning. Attempting to get these voting articles up as shortly and easily as I can whereas coping with a teething three month previous (sure… teething at three months previous). Scarlet has been a bit bear the previous couple of days. I fell asleep final night time / this morning round 3:45 AM and awakened at 6:45 AM. Amy was additionally up along with her a bit through the night time. So its actually been a attempting time.

Don’t fear although, we’ll preserve the voting and outcomes articles coming.

Additionally, don’t fear – simply because we’re internet hosting our annual “Battle of the Breweries” doesn’t imply we’ll cease posting different articles. You may be positive of that! There will probably be loads of articles nonetheless coming, so make sure to try the weblog regularly.

I’ve re – vamped the look and structure of the location, hopefully everybody likes the brand new look. Let me know within the feedback part!

Have enjoyable voting, share to assist your favourite breweries, bookmark to maintain coming again. Lets have a enjoyable time – bear in mind that is for enjoyable in any case.

Cheers Everybody!

-B. Kline




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